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Drone Attacks

It happened again! A drone attack killed 20 people where most of them yet again were women and children. I can’t express with words how much this makes me angry when innocent people are killed by people who is sitting in America and pushing buttons and sending missiles.

The missiles that were launched from the drones, hit a compound and a vehicle in Ghulam Khan Village in North Waziristan. Another house beside the target was struck killing 16 people including women and children.

The drone attacks are escalating despite the protests of people and the number of innocent casualties. More than 200 people have lost their lives in approximately 40 strikes since beginning of September and Pakistan has faced a lot of criticism for allowing missile attacks while US claims that it is necessary to do to fight Taliban and Al-Qaida.

I think many countries and head of states should stand up and condemn this much use of missiles, especially because innocent civilians are becoming easy targets. Fighting is not the solution for both sides, they should sit down and decide on a way to communicate and agree on terms.


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