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Somali Region in Ethiopia
The people has no freedom of movement. There are land mines everywhere, and ongoing military actions. This prevents the mat transport throughout the region. Malnourished children and no health care.

Hidden Genocide is ongoing.
The health situation is bad as one in ten women die during childbirth, and more than one in five children die before they celebrate their fifth birthday.
Bombs and riots have led to massive malnutrition among children increasing food prices which the people can’t afford.

Cholera epidemic is out of control.
The economic crisis has led to water and sanitation systems are no longer being maintained. The epidemic is exacerbated by the lack of health personnel, medicines, transportation and food for both health workers and patients. People cannot afford to bury their dead and the country’s Health Minister, David Parirenyatwa, fears that when the time comes, all the feces in the bushes being washed down into the shallow wells will contaminate the drinking water leading to more epidemic diseases. In the prisons there is a shortage of medicines, water, and food and hospital personnel.

Northwest Pakistan
The Pakistani tribal areas on the border with Afghanistan, where the intensified fighting between government troops and militant groups – in addition to U.S. air strikes – have made civilians more vulnerable and many children have been killed.


Quarter of a million people has been displaced from their homes in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Both government troops and upset to have killed, raped and displaced civilians.
This happened despite the fact that the UN peacekeeping force MONUC was present.
Country is large and soldiers are scattered around, while there is poor communication, command and control of such a composite force, and many of the soldiers are poorly trained and equipped.
In 2005 it emerged that the UN soldiers raped women and girls. The girls also got a couple of dollars or milk and eggs as payment for sex.

Sudan and Darfur
The security situation has deteriorated and hundreds of thousands are cut off from help. Thousands of other risk losing it due to the unstable front lines, shifting alliances between the armed groups, attacks against aid workers and increased restrictions.

Health care is poor. Health professionals have fled the country in fear of being killed or kidnapped. Deaths are increasing because of bomb and suicide attacks.

Afghanistan Three decades of war, corruption in the government, drought, poverty and premature death has been a daily routine. Various attacks by the Taliban and foreign forces kill many civilians. 80 % of the women are illiterate and many don’t have access to a midwife or necessary health care.

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