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Nuclear Mass Destruction

“A nuclear war can never be won and must never be fought out.” this was declared by Reagan and Gorbachev in 1985.

Nuclear weapons are the most unethical and the most dangerous mass destruction weapon ever created. The worst part of this is that it’s not illegal to make it, only to use it. Nuclear weapons have a major place as weapon in the system, but the radioactivity and the enormous explosive makes it unsuitable and inhuman to use in war.

The Non-Proliferation Treaty makes sure that the nuclear weapons don’t spread and five nuclear power countries have promised to restrict their nuclear stockpiles such as US, France, China and England. Israel, India, Pakistan and Cuba are currently outside and haven’t signed the agreement because nuclear countries are not willing to renounce the weapons and the privileges to use them. After Pakistan and Israel, 30 other countries will follow saying “either nuclear weapon for all or for none”.

Let’s imagine for a minute what would happen if the weapons got into the wrong hands? I’m sure that large parts of the world would be destroyed in minutes, millions of people dead and even more left behind injured for life, and what would be left for the next generation? No where safe to live for many years.

I personally believe that all nuclear weapons should be wiped out because it’s actually no use for them except for provoking and bringing fear.
Take USA and Russia for example. They have always been against each other and has come together to stop more countries to get in hold of nuclear weapons while they refuse to get rid of it their own. Instead they commit each other through an agreement to never use their weapons, so why are they in possession and use time and resources on something that would never be used?

Behind enemy lines
One incident that almost went wrong was the “Cuban crises”. US and Russia has always been competitors and enemies, but when Russia’s ally Cuba allowed them to place nuclear weapons too close that US felt threatened, President Kennedy sat his foot down.
Kennedy drew a line on the map and stated that if Russia’s fleet crossed the line, it would mean a nuclear war. The US army stood ready behind the line and both sides were prepared. A thin line and just a few words away would seal the fate of many people. As the Russian fleet came closer to the line, Kennedy changed his mind about starting a nuclear war and instead called out the US fleets.  The Russian fleets answered by turning around and a crisis were avoided.

What if the nuclear weapons today would get in the hands of terrorists or people without any moral? We are living in a century were interests and benefits go before the safety of the citizens and I’m worried about the future.

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