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Hostile territory

The United Nations has released a map that shows the security situation in Afghanistan and the amount of risk in the different areas.

In October month, that was similar to the map from March, shows a high risk in the southern part of the country painted in red with noted that there isn’t any security improvements noted.

The October map did also upgrade 16 districts that used to be more secure as “high risk”. These are in; Badghis, Sar-ePul, Balkh, Parwan, Baghlan, Samangan, Faryab, Laghman and Takhar provinces. Only two districts that used to be “high risk” districts received a safer rating; one in Kunduz and one in Herat.  

Its obvious that there has been instability and much violence in 2010, making everyday life difficult for the citizens. Taliban has also attacked UN buildings and their personnel repeatedly claiming that they are the “instrument of American imperialism”. 

Another report from the Canadian government states: “an increasingly volatile nation in which assassinations are growing and casualtioes are reaching new record levels on a regular basis”, even though some progress has been made. With this they have made it chrystal clear that the security situation has gotten worse, not better.

The unpopular war and the worsening situation in the country is a bad combination of the politicians who are trying to make acareer and wealth out of selling the war and has led to the detoriation of the country.

Click on the picture for a larger image.

Comments on: "Hostile territory" (6)

  1. very nice and important artical.

    • Mr. Alem Shayan Mohsini. What can I say about you…but I can say this, you are also toooooooo important to me, and i wish you reduce the kilogram a little bit 😉 you know what i mean

  2. Anonymous said:

    this is the very nice and important aritcal

  3. The article has a lot of weight in itself & says much more than an UN report. First of all everyone in UN or who ever read this article must understand that these reports which are continuously published by some or the other respectable authorities should keep & analysis one thing before publishing & is that until n unless the western powers & their neighbors or partners of Afghanistan will not understand the basic cultural values of the so called The Land of Snow Lions which is divided broadly among the different tribes & their values, cultures & linguistic differences as there advices / voices will not be kept in line with the national agenda & policies as well as until n unless these powers will not end or stop following their famous & most corrupted Divide n rule policy No one can save & bring prosperity to Afghanistan & his people at at large. Because to establish a unilateral & central authority you need to bring & attract the contribution of the complete society & his people of different backgrounds in one place with their proper coordination then only a well written constitutional body is formed & only then a complete peaceful nation arises from the flames of the past.

    If we & they are truly concerned of solving a Afghan issues & problem then they must bring in the people together in the development of this nation & form a complete Afghan society.

  4. The perfect example of this situation is India & its constitution which is the best ever written constitution written ever for any country. You can check the past of India when people of every tribe, religion, race, lingual backgrounds joined their hands with each other & fought together till they got independence. but when at a time of decision one community separated their struggle & formed a different lobby due which the result was the divided India on several fronts.

    • Yes you are right about that, India has one of the best constitutions and the best democracy in the world, but there is still some problem left. There is still some discrimination going on against minorities.

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