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A new year, a new life

The New Year is the day that marks the beginning of a new calendar year in the Gregorian calendar today worldwide that falls on January 1.

I look at this day not only as a day to celebrate but to improve myself. It’s a chance for me to start something new, to make new memories, and achieve new goals and heights as I leave the old year behind. I, as many others, make New Year’s resolutions and wow that I will get them done, better then the last year.

I’m sitting in my hotel room as the sun sets down and I’m watching people hurrying in the streets trying to buy the last of what they need. Others are home preparing the New Years turkey and other food for their family and guests. This is the day where family and friends visit each other to enjoy the evening and watch the celebration outside with fireworks. I love to sit in my room and watch the colorful fireworks lightening the sky in many forms and colors for the short time they last.

Not everyone knows the story of the fireworks and why they were invented, but it happened in the 7th century of China. That time, they would use the fireworks to frighten and scare away evil spirits with their loud sound and to pray for happiness and prosperity. Today we use it to mark the ending of a year and beginning of a new one with our loved ones.

I don’t only wish a good year for myself and my family, but I think about everyone around the world. Those who are in despair and no hope, those who have lost somebody dear to them and those who has to sleep hungry or in pain. This last year has been marked with killings, war, violence and natural disasters that have affected many people around the globe. I try to help those I can, and for those I can’t reach out to, I remember them in my prays.

May this New Year bring many opportunities to your way, to explore every joy of life
and may your resolutions for the days ahead stay firm, turning all your dreams into reality and all your efforts into great achievements.
Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.


Hatef Mokhtar

Comments on: "A new year, a new life" (7)

  1. Ikram Azim said:

    Respected Sir,

    it is very good and heartily views about poor & said peoples, its inspiring very much.

    • Dear Ikram Azim, thank you very much for your nice words. Your words are inspiring as well indeed and gives me the energy and motivation to do more. Best regards Hatef Mokhtar

  2. Anonymous said:

    this is the good thinking or new year new occasion like it . wish you very happy new year

  3. Anonymous said:

    really this is not end of the life we can start something new in next..

  4. ajit Jangra said:

    again congratulations for this job…………..

  5. Ikram Azim said:

    Sir, thanks for reply, I have also read your some other articales,which are awesome, you are doing a best work for the humality which is the top in Islaam, I pray,
    may god bless you in every sphere of life on earth and above.

    And I also pray to (God) Allah , give me the feelings and power then, we can also follow you. Please remember me in pray for that.
    thanks ( jazakallah)

    • Thank you very much dear Ikram, for your kind and warming words. It fills me with energy and inspiring me to do more. May Allah (swt) give you peace and a long healthy and happy life with good achievements.

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