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Most unhappy and happy nations

The global scope, “Hope and Hopelessness Questionnaire”, revealed the results reflected in the changing global economic balances showed that the effect of the mood of people. The survey involved 53 countries and the differences of the mood of the people were revealed. According to the survey, the France is the most pessimistic country in the world.  The French newspaper “Le Parisien” had written an article about the shocking news saying; “Shock, corruption and poverty, despite this, Nigerians looks hopeful to the future than we do!”

While Afghans scored 24 points, Europe and the United States managed to fall below zero with their pessimistic vision. United Kingdom scored -44 while France was at -58. Unlike the Europeans, Iraq and Bangladesh appears to be happier than all the western countries.

Most happy people;
Brazil and Ghana
China and India

Those most unhappy;
United Kingdom

Another survey that was published on 1st of June 2010 by Ipsos Social Research Institute also showed that despite poor infrastructure, poverty, chaos, bribe and corruption, Indians are still the happiest people living on this earth. In fact they came as fourth in the list after the Netherlands, Canada and Australia based on satisfaction where they live.

It’s very interesting how India, managed to rank much better than countries whose average per capita income is probably 10 or 20 times more than Indians. While the Dutch ranked as the happiest people with 85%, people in South Korea are least happy with just 35% according to their job prospects, infrastructure, level of cleanliness and public transport.

How happy is your country?

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