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Sleep is the most important thing for our physical and mental health, keeps us healthy and strengthens our immune system. But we all have experienced sleeping problems now and then and this can have many reasons. We may have trouble with sleeping because of depression, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety or in worst case post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Whatever the cause may be, there are some steps that we all can perform to get a better sleep. English scientists have done research on 10 important things to do to achieve a good night’s sleep and to wake up healthy and rested. Psychiatrist Kevin Morgan at Loughborough University has revealed the results of this research.

Clean face and neck before going to bed

As you prepare yourself to go to bed, start cleaning your face at least one hour before. According to dermatologists, before you sleep, because by the end of the day, most of us have a buildup of microscopic oils and bacteria on the surface of our skin—plus the remains of makeup that could block pores. And once you put your face on the pillow, the weight of your face on the pillow further pushes all of this into your skin. If you don’t cleanse before bed, you have much more of a chance of blocking the pores, so you’re more likely to have breakouts, flaky skin and allergic reactions. The skin also releases out skin oils, dead skin cells and toxins all night as the blood flows in our body and by cleaning the face you will renew your skin. End it with a night cream.

Which position to sleep?

We must choose a position that won’t harm the spine, shoulder and neck, as they are sensitive parts of the body. Be careful with choosing a comfortable bed and pillow that is not harmful for the muscles and spine. As for the pillows, if you use two soft pillows or a cochin that is 3-5cm thick, then this will allow the blood not to be collected in one place as it is important to avoid headache.

Do not go to bed hungry

To wake up to a fresh glowing face, it is important not to eat meat, pasta, rice and other food that contains protein and carbohydrate. Fruit is much better.


The secret behind a good night’s sleep is to make sure the melatonin hormone to be stabilized and milk is one of the most powerful beverages to do this.

Set your alarm 15 minutes before you should wake up

If you set your alarm 15 minutes before you should wake up, then you will avoid jumping out of the bed in panic and feel tired. Lie down on the bed some couple of minutes and stretch your body to feel relaxed.

Drink water
You should consume at least 8 glass of water during the day. As you drink water in the morning, you will make sure to add the body water after a night of sleep and avoid the skin to dry out.

Stay away from coffein

Consuming coffee, coke, chocolate and other things that contains coffein will keep you awake and also not give a good nights sleep. The same goes for sigarettes.

Juice of beet burns less oxygen

According to results done of a survey by the British Universities of Exeter and the Peninsula, beet juice is considered to be the elixir of youth. People, who had taken a walk, drank beet juice and were obviously less tired by 12%. Beet nitrate in water density reduces the amount of oxygen that is consumed while exercising so that the lungs feel less pressured and the vessels expand.

The sleeping area

What you do throughout the day and how your sleeping area is can affect your sleep. Too much noise, light or activity in the bedroom can make sleeping difficult. You must create a quit and comfortable sleeping area. Use the bedroom only for sleeping and move the Tv and radio out to another room. Keep the bedroom quit, dark, cool and use curtains to block out any light. You can also use a sleeping mask or ear plugs if that might help.

Your evening and bedtime routine

To set an evening routine and a bedtime will help the body to get used to a sleeping schedule. Exercise regularly, but not 3-4 hours before the bedtime.  Go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning even if you feel tired, your body will get used to it in the end. A warm shower or bath, listening to soothing music or a cup of non caffeine tea might help as well.

If you have trouble sleeping

Imagine that you are in a peaceful and pleasant place as you focus on the details and feelings of being in a relaxing place. Keep your eyes closed and take deep breath through your nose and breathe out through the mouth.

Your activities during the day

Your habits and activities can affect how well you sleep. Here are some tips:

  • Don’t exercise after 5 p.m. because it may be harder to fall asleep. Spend time outside in the daylight as the sunlight helps to reset the body’s sleep and wake up cycles.
  • Don’t smoke tobacco, especially in the evening as the nicotine keeps you awake.
  • Don’t take naps close to your bedtime.
  • Don’t take medicine that may keep you awake, make you feel hyper or energized before bedtime.
  • If you are in great pain or have an injury, feel anxious at night or have bad dreams and nightmares, your doctor may help you more.

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  1. Ikram Azim said:


    Assalamu Elykum,
    your instructions about sleep,(12 ways to achieve a good night’s sleep and wake up rested) are very good for longer health.

  2. Dear Hatef Sabh

    thanks about giving the knowedge of sleeping Jaza Kallah

    God Bless You…………….

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