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Bareach are a Durrani Pashtun tribe found almost exclusively in the district of Shorawak in southern Kandahar province. There appears to be little ethnographic literature on the Bareach beyond the observations of some 19th and early 20th century British civil and military personnel.The Bareach formed the largest tribal grouping among the Rohilla Afghans of North India.

History: Barech was the son of Sharakhbun (Sharafuddin), whose other sons were Tareen, Sheerani, Miana and Ormar. Barech had two sons; Dawood al-Mulqab Otakh and Hussain. Dawood had six sons. 1: Malay, 2: Chopan, 3: Shakar, 4: Basok, 5: Badal, 6: Shaikh Saabit. Bareach’s other son Hussain had 5 sons. 1: Mardan, 2: Mando, 3: Zako, 4: Barak, 5: Basa. Barech sub tribes are named after his sons adding suffix ‘zai’ to their names like Shakarzai, Mandozai, Zakozai, Badalzai etc. Bareach moved from Qila Bust (Kalabus) province Helmand to Shorawak province Qandahar. The historic Fort in Helmand is still called the Barech Fort or Aslam Khan Barech Fort. Aslam Khan Barech was the ruler of Bust in around 1588. Shaikh Bostan Barech was a noble writer and poet of Pashtu language. He went to India and settled in Samana town, and then after his return to Shorawak in 1578, he wrote a book named ‘Bostan al Auliya’. This is mentioned in the Pashtu language’s authentic book ‘Pata Khazana’ by Hauthak bin Dawood. The most famous of all Bareachs is Khan Fateh Khan Barech; the son of Aslam Khan. He is considered as a hero and a symbol of pride for all Barechs. His 60 companions are famous in all Pashtun tribes. Their courageous victories in India and Pakistan are remarkable and all Pathans are proud of them. And still Barechs have their tribes in both Pakistan and India due to same victories of the Great Fateh Khan Barech and his 60 companions. Apart from Shorawak Afghanistan, Barech live in India and Pakistan. In Pakistan they live in Quetta, Naushki, Dalbandin, Sukkur, Rohri, Nawab Shah, Jacob Abad and other towns. A town in India is namedFateh Pur after the great Khan Fateh Khan Barech. In India the state of patodi was also the state of Bareachs and still the Nawab of Patodi is basically from Barech Tribe. The Imam of Barelvi Sect Muslims, Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Barelvi also belonged to the Barech tribe.

Barech Sub Tribes:

Badalzai, Mandozai, Zakozai, Sherani, Alizai.

Alizai Sub Tribes: Herayzai, Sherkhanzai, Mirozai, Daisalzai, Paizai, Mamuzai, Akhterzai, Jangazai.

Bareach Saint tribes: Khaishki & Shaikh.

Bareach Saints:

  • Hazrat Shaikh Saabit, Hazrat Shaikh Ilyas, Hazrat Shaikh Maanki Shahbaz, Hazrat Mian Haji Muhammad,
  • Hazrat Shaikh Bustan, Hazrat Shaikh Umer, Hazrat Shaikh Shahabuddin, Hazrat Shaikh Milli, Hazrat Pir Wali,
  • Hazrat Mian Abdul Hakeem, Hazrat Maulana Fazil, Hazrat Maulana Aadil, Hazrat Maulana Raza Ali Khan,
  • Hazrat Maulana Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Barelvi, Mulla Kablai Akhund.

Bareach Notables:

  • Aslam Khan, Fateh Khan, Purdil Khan, Sardar Dawood Khan, Nawab Hafiz Rehmat Khan, Bibi Rabia, Bibi Saheba,
  • Mohterma Gohar Raqam Bibi, General Bakht Khan, Syed Khan Torzai, Shahbaz Khan Shaikhzai, Khan Samand Khan and others.

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