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News Headlines of February 13

Egypt military promises democracy

CAIRO – Egypt’s new military leadership today vowed to pave the way for democracy and abide by its peace treaty with Israel, as Egyptians basked in their victory a day after Hosni Mubarak’s overthrow.

Protesters beaten in Yemen, Algeria

PROTESTERS have been beaten as they poured into streets in the capitals of Algeria and Yemen in the wake of the uprising in Egypt.

Tunisia migrants prompt Italy ‘humanitarian emergency’

The Italian government has declared a humanitarian emergency after nearly 3,000 migrants arrived in the country in the last few days.

Suicide Bomber Kills 30 on Pilgrimage in Iraq

BAGHDAD — A suicide bomber attacked a bus carrying Shiite pilgrims home from Samarra on Saturday, killing at least 30 people in the latest of several recent assaults on pilgrims. Notes from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and other areas of conflict in the post-9/11 era.

Post-Mubarak era dawns on Egypt

Egyptians have woken to a new dawn after 30 years of rule under Hosni Mubarak. As the Muslim call to prayer reverberated across Cairo on Saturday, the sound of horns honking in jubilation grew louder after a night when millions celebrated the fall of the former president, who has handed over power to the armed forces.

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