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Since the Days of Imperialism when The Armies of Napoleon raid the lands of seas, when the shine of Romans brightens the Earth, where the Tulips were not named, when the eastern snow showers the Greatness of St. Peter; those were the days when the dusk had fallen on the uniformed mother Earth where once the children of Adam & Eve roamed freely no matter what the color they belonged to, no matter what language they speak, what customs  they follow, Sky remains the same for them but when the Victorians born; Black looks to the shining sun & obeyed by the rules of falling stars, the earth changed its soil & the sky divides the shines of it blues for Rulers & Natives. The Europeans have followed their protective policy to safeguard their culture & nativity from immigrants & rising powers round the world. Where ever they went & colonized the land they destroyed the ethnicity of the races surviving from ages.  This was not the only way they threatened the survival of the human residences present their, they also followed the policy of Divide and Rule too, to make their strongholds in different nations preventing the locals to unite & form a single force against them. Behind the glorious white face their was & still a dark black face which only comes out when things go out of their hands & control just like the recent speech given by the three European Powers named the UK, France, Germany by their so called young & confused leaders named; David Cameroon, Nicolas Sarkozy & Angela Markel. They said that multiculturalism is a failure but the question arises why the situation arises that they said so & are following a stiff stand against the immigrants which they have attracted from their policies for so called Green / Blue Card Policies.

Problems faced by Immigrants: There are several problems faced by immigrants as soon as they land on their dream destinations of the false promises.

v  Blacks & other immigrants are paid less than the Whites

v  They are not promoted on the scale of Whites or too the similar ranks in most cases.

v  They cannot practice their religion & customs publicly in many neighborhoods of these countries.

v  They are looked down upon by the locals as inferior people due to their color & ethnicity.

v  They are hated & discriminated on the grounds of cheap labor who steals their jobs & lively hood by majority of Whites / locals.

v   Immigrants are the first ones to lose their jobs & facilities / privileges whenever these nations faced harsh circumstances just like in 9/11 more 1000 immigrants especially Muslims & Sikhs were arrested, in 7/7 London Bombing, during 2008 – 2009 Recession most of the people who lost their jobs & were deprived of the basic facilities were immigrants who have settled down in these countries for a better life were attracted by the immigration policies of these countries promoted & echoed by their leaders largely in order to attract more investments & skilled labor.

v  Racial attacks by the whites often takes place or sometimes become regular just like in Australia, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Russia, USA, France, Spain, Denmark.

The environment of Brain Drain created by the so called First World / White Economies is just a false illusions’ which are dreamed by millions in Third World. & when the influx of these innocents arrive their dreams to come true they are forced to accept the harsh reality of this modern world, “the dreams shattered where blood curse the color of its skin for being black”.

Natives / Races affected by the colonization & immigration policies: Maori, Red Indians, Africans, Afghans, Caucasians, Persians, Indians (Aryans & Dravidian s), Uighur, Tibetans, Arabs, Amazonian s, Eskimos

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