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Egypt protesters attacked by ‘armed civilians’ in Cairo

Egypt’s Revolution Bowen: Bumpy ride Inside the Brotherhood Final moments before the fall Can military meet demands? Pro-democracy activists in Egypt have been attacked by men in plain clothes, armed with knives, outside the interior ministry in Cairo, reports say….

US apology for Afghan deaths ‘not enough’ -Karzai

Afghan President Hamid Karzai told General David Petraeus, the commander of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, on Sunday his apology for a foreign air strike that killed nine children last week was “not enough”. At a meeting with his security advisers at which Petraeus was present, Karzai said civilian casualties by foreign troops were “no…

Ireland to be ruled by coalition after election ends party’s reign

Economic collapse and an international bailout of Ireland spur the election rout of Fianna Fail, in power for nearly 80 years. Fine Gael and Labor Party leaders are set to form a coalition government and vow to cut Ireland’s massive budget deficit. Share By Henry Chu, Los Angeles Times…

Ivory Coast crisis worsens as police loot homes of new cabinet

Government-in-waiting targeted amid fears of civil war over rival claims to presidency President Alassane Ouattara remains under UN guard with his cabinet.

Kadafi forces ambush, push back Libyan rebels

Opposition forces trying to reach Surt, the hometown of Moammar Kadafi, retreat to the desert outpost of Ras Lanuf after a ground and air assault….

Japan’s foreign minister Seiji Maehara quits over donation

JAPAN’s embattled government has suffered another major blow, with Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara falling victim to a donation…

New Egypt minister takes over after offices stormed

CAIRO – A new Egyptian interior minister took office on Sunday pledging to restore public confidence in the police a day after protesters stormed several state security buildings. In an acceptance statement carried by the state MENA news agency, Mansur al-Issawi said he would take “all necessary measures to restore confidence between citizens and…

Libya: resolute rebels vow to fight or die

From dentists to shopkeepers – they grab any weapon they can in their thirst for revolution Gunmen opposed to leader Muammar Gaddafi man a checkpoint in the centre of the city of Zawiyah Photo: AP By Adrian Blomfield, on Brega beach and Nick Meo in Benghazi 10:52AM GMT 06 Mar 2011 Comments Amid the cacophony of the battle below, the low, sinister…

Ten Lessons for American Workers from the Homestead Strike

“The man who dies rich dies a disgrace.” Andrew Carnegie By the end of the 19th century, a growing number of people in America were becoming increasingly concerned about a glaring aspect of capitalism: the overwhelming power of monopolies and an ever increasing gap between the very rich and…

China’s Wen delivers “State of the Union”

BEIJING, March 5 (Reuters) – Premier Wen Jiabao delivers China’s version of a “State of Union” address on Saturday. In a prepared text of his speech to the annual parliament session, Wen said that fighting inflation was the government’s top priority and warned about the impact of loose monetary policies in wealthy economies.

Latest World News

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113 arrested in Hong Kong protest Irish Times


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