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  • 1851: Prussian law forbids women from joining political parties or attending meetings where politics is discussed.
  • 1869: Britain grants unmarried women who are householders the right to vote in local elections. 1862/3: Some Swedish women gain voting rights in local elections.


  • 1881: Some Scottish women get the right to vote in local elections.
  • 1893: New Zealand grants equal voting rights to women.
  • 1894: The United Kingdom expands women’s voting rights to married women in local but not national elections.
  • 1895: South Australian women gain voting rights.
  • 1899: Western Australian women granted voting rights.


  • 1901: Women in Australia get the vote, with some restrictions.
  • 1902: Women in New South Wales get the vote.
  • 1902: Australia grants more voting rights to women.
  • 1906: Finland adopts woman suffrage.
  • 1907: Women in Norway are permitted to stand for election.
  • 1908: Women in Denmark some women granted local voting rights.
  • 1908: Victoria, Australia, grants women voting rights.
  • 1909: Sweden grants vote in municipal elections to all women.


  • 1913: Norway adopts full woman suffrage.
  • 1915: Women get the vote in Denmark and Iceland.
  • 1916: Canadian women in Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan get the vote.
  • 1917: When the Russian Tsar is toppled, the Provisional Government grants universal suffrage with equality for women; later the new Soviet Russian constitution includes full suffrage to women.
  • 1917: Women in the Netherlands are granted the right to stand for election.
  • 1918: The United Kingdom gives a full vote to women of age 30 and older and men age 21 and older.
  • 1918: Canada gives women the vote in most provinces by federal law. Quebec is not included.
  • 1918: Germany grants women the vote.
  • 1918: Austria adopts woman suffrage.
  • 1918: Women were given full suffrage in Latvia, Poland, Estonia, and Latvia.
  • 1918: Russian Federation gives women the right to vote.
  • 1918: Women granted limited voting rights in Ireland.
  • 1919: Netherlands gives women the vote.
  • 1919: Woman suffrage is granted in Belarus, Luxemburg and Ukraine.
  • 1919: Women in Belgium granted right to vote.
  • 1919: New Zealand allows women to stand for election.
  • 1919: Sweden grants suffrage with some restrictions.


  • 1920: On August 26, a constitutional amendment is adopted when the state of Tennessee ratifies it, granting full woman suffrage in all states of the United States.
  • 1920: Woman suffrage is granted in Albania, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
  • 1920: Canadian women get the right to stand for election (but not for all offices – see 1929 below).
  • 1921: Sweden gives women voting rights with some restrictions.
  • 1921: Armenia, Azerbaijan and Lithuania grant woman suffrage.
  • 1921: Belgium grants women the right to stand for election.
  • 1922: Burma grants women voting rights.
  • 1924: Mongolia, Saint Lucia and Tajikistan give suffrage to women.
  • 1924: Kazakhstan gives limited voting rights to women.
  • 1925: Italy grants limited voting rights to women.
  • 1927: Turkmenistan grants woman suffrage.
  • 1928: The United Kingdom grants equal voting rights to women.
  • 1928: Guyana grants woman suffrage.
  • 1928: Ireland expands women’s suffrage rights.
  • 1929: Ecuador grants suffrage, Romania grants limited suffrage.


  • 1930: White women granted suffrage in South Africa.
  • 1930: Turkey grants women the vote.
  • 1931: Women get full suffrage in Spain and Sri Lanka.
  • 1931: Chile and Portugal grant suffrage with some restrictions.
  • 1932: Uruguay, Thailand and Maldives jump on the woman suffrage bandwagon.
  • 1934: Cuba and Brazil adopt woman suffrage.
  • 1934: Turkish women are able to stand for election.
  • 1934: Portugal grants woman suffrage, with some restrictions.
  • 1935: Women gain right to vote in Myanmar.
  • 1937: The Philippines grants women full suffrage.
  • 1938: Women get the vote in Bolivia.
  • 1938: Uzbekistan grants full suffrage to women.
  • 1939: El Salvador grants voting rights to women.


  • 1940: Women of Quebec are granted voting rights.
  • 1941: Panama grants limited voting rights to women.
  • 1942: Women gain full suffrage in the Dominican Republic.
  • 1944: Bulgaria, France and Jamaica grant suffrage to women.
  • 1945: Croatia, Indonesia, Italy, Hungary, Japan (with restrictions), Yugoslavia, Senegal and Ireland enact woman suffrage.
  • 1945: Guyana allows women to stand for election.
  • 1946: Woman suffrage adopted in Palestine, Kenya, Liberia, Cameroon, Korea, Guatemala, Panama (with restrictions), Romania (with restrictions), Venezuela, Yugoslavia and Vietnam.
  • 1946: Women allowed standing for election in Myanmar.
  • 1947: Bulgaria, Malta, Nepal, Pakistan, Singapore and Argentina extend suffrage to women.
  • 1947: Japan extends suffrage, but still retains some restrictions.
  • 1947: Mexico grants the vote to women at the municipal level.
  • 1948: Israel, Iraq, Korea, Niger and Surinam adopt woman suffrage.
  • 1948: Belgium, which previously granted the vote to women, establishes suffrage with a few restrictions for women.
  • 1949: Bosnia and Herzegovina grant woman suffrage.
  • 1949: China and Costa Rica give women the vote.
  • 1949: Women gain full suffrage in Chile but most votes separately from men.
  • 1949: Syrian Arab Republic gives the vote to women.
  • 1949/1950: India grants woman suffrage.


  • 1950: Haiti and Barbados adopt woman suffrage.
  • 1950: Canada grants full suffrage, extending the vote to some women (and men) previously not included.
  • 1951: Antigua, Nepal and Grenada give women the vote.
  • 1952: Covenant on Political Rights of Women enacted by the United Nations, calling for women’s right to vote and right to stand for elections.
  • 1952: Greece, Lebanon and Bolivia (with restrictions) extend suffrage to women.
  • 1953: Mexico grants women the right to stand for election and to vote in national elections.
  • 1953: Hungary and Guyana give voting rights to women.
  • 1953: Bhutan and the Syrian Arab Republic establish full woman suffrage.
  • 1954: Ghana, Colombia and Belize grant woman suffrage.
  • 1955: Cambodia, Ethiopia, Peru, Honduras and Nicaragua adopt woman suffrage.
  • 1956: Women are given suffrage in Egypt, Somalia, Comoros, Mauritius, Mali and Benin.
  • 1956: Pakistani women gain right to vote in national elections.
  • 1957: Malaysia extends suffrage to women.
  • 1957: Zimbabwe grants women the vote.
  • 1959: Madagascar and Tanzania give suffrage to women.
  • 1959: San Marino permits women to vote.


  • 1960: Women of Cyprus, Gambia and Tonga get suffrage.
  • 1960: Canadian women win full rights to stand for election.
  • 1961: Burundi, Malawi, Paraguay, Rwanda and Sierra Leone adopt woman suffrage.
  • 1961: Women in the Bahamas gain suffrage, with limits.
  • 1961: Women in El Salvador are permitted to stand for election.
  • 1962: Algeria, Monaco, Uganda and Zambia adopt woman suffrage.
  • 1962: Australia adopts full woman suffrage (a few restrictions remain).
  • 1963: Women in Morocco, Congo, the Islamic Republic of Iran and Kenya gain suffrage.
  • 1964: Sudan adopts woman suffrage.
  • 1964: The Bahamas adopts full suffrage with restrictions.
  • 1965: Women gain full suffrage in Afghanistan, Botswana and Lesotho.
  • 1967: Ecuador adopts full suffrage with a few restrictions.
  • 1968: Full woman suffrage adopted in Swaziland.


  • 1970: Yemen adopts full suffrage.
  • 1970: Andorra permits women to vote.
  • 1971: Switzerland adopts woman suffrage, and the United States lowers the voting age for both men and women to eighteen.
  • 1972: Bangladesh grants woman suffrage.
  • 1973: Full suffrage granted to women in Bahrain.
  • 1973: Women permitted to stand for election in Andover and San Marino.
  • 1974: Jordan and the Solomon Islands extend suffrage to women.
  • 1975: Angola, Cape Verde and Mozambique give suffrage to women.
  • 1976: Portugal adopts full woman suffrage with a few restrictions.
  • 1978: The Republic of Moldova adopts full suffrage with a few restrictions.
  • 1978: Women in Zimbabwe are able to stand for election.
  • 1979: Women in the Marshall Islands and Micronesia gain full suffrage rights.
  • 1980-1989
  • 1980: Iran gives women the vote.
  • 1984: Full suffrage granted to women of Liechtenstein.
  • 1984: In South Africa, voting rights are extended to Coloureds and Indians.
  • 1986: Central African Republic adopts woman suffrage.


  • 1990: Samoan women gain full suffrage.
  • 1994: Kazakhstan grants women full suffrage.
  • 1994: Black women gain full suffrage in South Africa.


2005: Kuwaiti Parliament grants women of Kuwait full suffrage.

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