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March 9: Ash Wednesday/Start of Lent in Western Christianity (2011)

"Terrific combat between the 'Monitor' & 'Merrimac'" by Currier & Ives

  • 1009 – The first known record of the name of Lithuania appeared in an entry in the annals of the monastery of Quedlinburg (in modern Germany).
  • 1842 – The first documented discovery of gold in California occurred at Rancho San Francisco, six years before the California Gold Rush.
  • 1862 – American Civil War: In the world’s first major battle between two powered ironclad warships (pictured), the USS Monitor and the CSS Virginia, fought to a draw near the mouth of Hampton Roads in Virginia.
  • 1944 – World War II: As part of the Battle of Narva, the Soviet Air Forces heavily bombed Tallinn, Estonia, killing up to 800 people, mostly civilians.
  • 1946 – Thirty-three people were killed in a stampede at Burnden Park, a football stadium in Bolton, England.
  • 1956 – In Tbilisi, Georgia, Soviet military troops suppressed mass demonstrations against Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev’s de-Stalinization policy.

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