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World News Headlines of March 10

Egypt sectarian strife kills 13, challenge to army

Cairo, March 10: Thirteen Egyptians were killed in violence between Christians and Muslims as sectarian tensions resurfaced in Cairo and a new government met for the first time on Wednesday, discussing how to restore law and order. The Health Ministry said the 13 people were killed and 140 wounded in violence on Tuesday night ignited by tensions…

Libya crisis: Rebellion or civil war?

Libya Revolt BBC team’s ordeal Options for intervention Uprising in maps Eyewitness: Tense days in Tripoli Colonel Muammar Gaddafi remains resolutely in power – at least in parts of the country – and appears to be making gains against rebel forces. The BBC’s Caroline Hawley asks if the conflict in Libya is looking…

Dalai Lama says he’ll give up political role

DHARMSALA, India – The Dalai Lama said Thursday that he will give up his political role in Tibet’s government-in-exile, shifting that power to an elected representative.

Wisconsin Republicans pass parts of Budget Repair bill without Democrats present

Today the Wisconsin Republicans reframed arguably the most important part of Governor Scott Walker’s (R-WI) Budget Repair Bill in order to pass it without Democrats present. The Republicans sent the bill to conference committee where the separated the collective bargaining parts of the bill from the rest of the bill. The Wisconsin Constitution..

Clashes Kill 13 as Old Woes Beset New Egypt

CAIRO—Clashes between Coptic Christians and Muslims have killed more than a dozen people in recent days in Egypt, heightening a sense that the country’s post revolutionary euphoria is yielding to enduring problems including sectarian violence, poverty and misogyny.

El Baradei ‘to run’ for president

Mohammed ElBaradei, the Nobel laureate and former head of the UN nuclear watchdog agency, has said on a privately owned TV channel that he intends to run for president in Egypt’s 2011 presidential election. “When the door of presidential nominations opens, I intend to nominate myself,” ElBaradei said on ONTV channel on Wednesday.

Libya: BBC crew beaten and given mock executions

A BBC television crew seized at a checkpoint in western Libya were held, beaten and given mock executions in the most extreme case of the Gaddafi regime’s harassment of international journalists. Goktay Koraltan, a BBC cameraman, was beaten by the Libyan authorities Photo: BBC by Richard Spencer, Tripoli 11:29PM GMT 09 Mar 2011…

Immigrants in Greece end hunger strike

DEREK GATOPOULOS Associated Press= ATHENS, Greece (AP) — About 250 immigrants in Greece ended their six-week hunger strike Wednesday after reaching a compromise with the government to delay deportation proceedings against them, supporters of the protest said. The hunger strike had emerged as a crisis for the government as the number of people…

Morocco’s king announces constitutional changes aimed to consolidate democracy in the country

RABAT, Morocco – King Mohammed VI announced Wednesday a broad revision of Morocco’s constitution, a move aimed to boost democracy in the North African country amid recent turmoil in the Arab world. In a rare speech to the nation on radio and TV, the king said a new commission would recommend constitutional revisions to him by June, and the overall…

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Important Events on March 10

March 10

Fulgencio Batista

  • 1607 – Susenyos defeated the combined armies of Yaqob and Abuna Petros II at the Battle of Gol in Gojjam, making him Emperor of Ethiopia.
  • 1830 – The Royal Dutch East Indies Army, the military force maintained by the Netherlands in its colony of the Netherlands East Indies, was established by royal decree.
  • 1952 – Forbidden by law to seek re-election, former President Fulgencio Batista (pictured) staged a coup d’état to resume control in Cuba.
  • 1965 – Thomas Playford, Premier of South Australia, left office after 27 years, the longest term of any democratically elected leader in the history of Australia.
  • 2006 – NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter attained orbit around Mars.

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