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March 11: Independence Day in Lithuania (1990)

King Shō Tai of the Ryūkyū Kingdom

  • 222 – Disgusted with Roman emperor Elagabalus‘s disregard for Roman religious traditions and sexual taboos, the Praetorian Guard assassinated him and his mother Julia Soaemias, mutilated their bodies, and threw them in the Tiber River.
  • 1879 – Shō Tai (pictured), the last king of the Ryūkyū Kingdom, abdicated when the kingdom was annexed by Japan and converted to Okinawa Prefecture.
  • 1978 – After hijacking a bus north of Tel Aviv, members of Palestine Liberation Organization faction Fatah engaged in a shootout with the Israel Police, resulting in the deaths of 38 civilians and most of the perpetrators.
  • 1983 – Pakistan successfully conducted a cold test of a nuclear weapon.
  • 2006 – Michelle Bachelet was inaugurated as the first female President of Chile.

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