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March 14: New Year’s Day in the Sikh Nanakshahi calendar; White Day in Japan; Commonwealth Day in the Commonwealth of Nations (2011); Pi Day

Theatrical poster for "The Mikado"

  • 1757 – British Royal Navy Admiral John Byng was court-martialled and executed by firing squad for breaching the Articles of War when he failed to “do his utmost” during the Battle of Minorca at the start of the Seven Years’ War.
  • 1794 – American inventor Eli Whitney patented the cotton gin, the first ever machine that quickly and easily separated cotton fibers from their seedpods.
  • 1885 – The Mikado (poster pictured), Gilbert and Sullivan’s most frequently performed Savoy Opera, debuted at the Savoy Theatre in London.
  • 1984 – Gerry Adams, leader of Sinn Féin, was seriously wounded in an assassination attempt by Ulster Freedom Fighters in central Belfast, Northern Ireland.
  • 2008 – A series of riots, protests, and demonstrations erupted in Lhasa and elsewhere in Tibet.

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