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Haiti cholera ‘far worse than expected’, experts fear

Haiti cholera challenge ‘failed’ Why is Haiti still struggling? The cholera epidemic affecting Haiti looks set to be far worse than officials had thought, experts fear. Rather than affecting a predicted 400,000 people, the diarrhoeal disease could strike…

Hundreds shot in Bahrain protest

AT least 200 people have been shot and wounded in a Shiite village south of the Bahraini capital, a medic says, as the king imposed a state of emergency after bringing in Saudi and Emirati troops to help quell anti-regime protests. As the violence escalated, close ally the United States warned that there was “no military solution” to…

Libyan government forces overwhelm rebels in Ajdabiya

Libyan troops loyal to Moammar Kadafi mount a punishing assault to capture the last obstacle on the coastal highway to Benghazi, sending opposition fighters who had vowed to fight to the death fleeing. Share By David Zucchino and Jeffrey Fleishman, Los Angeles Times…

Japan jolted by new earthquakes as fears of radiation exposure take hold

Earthquakes of magnitude 6.1 and 6.2 strike areas south of Tokyo. As Japan holds it breath over radiation leaks at the Fukushima nuclear complex, the latest quakes raise fears about another nuclear facility. But the International Atomic Energy Agency says the Hamaoka plant is operating normally….

Gunmen slowly closing net on Ivory Coast strongman

On a road that curves around a swath of vegetation at the far north of this commercial capital, cars leave territory controlled by strongman Laurent Gbagbo at a checkpoint consisting of a pile of logs. Beyond it is the first barricade manned by gunmen loyal to the country’s internationally recognised president Alassane Outtara.

Gen. David Petraeus reports ‘important but hard-fought progress in Afghanistan’

Testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Gen. David Petraeus says the U.S. has stopped the Taliban’s momentum in Afghanistan, but he warns that the gains are ‘fragile and reversible’ and that hard fighting still lies ahead. Key senators express confidence in the war effort.

Israel Seizes Ship Loaded With Arms and Headed to Egypt

JERUSALEM — Israeli naval commandos intercepted and commandeered a cargo vessel on Tuesday loaded with weaponry en route from Turkey to Egypt, according to Israeli officials. Military officials said that the ship, which was flying a Liberian flag, had sailed to Turkey from Syria.

Europe, US rethink reactors push

THE nuclear crisis in Japan has raised doubts about President Barack Obama’s push for a new generation of power plants across…

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