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March 22: World Water Day

Nader Shah, Shah of Iran

  • 1638 – The Massachusetts Bay Colony expelled Anne Hutchinson from its ranks for dissenting from Puritan orthodoxy.
  • 1736 – Under orders from Shah of Iran Nader Shah (pictured) to plunder Delhi, India, Persian troops killed at least 20,000 Indians, forcing Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah to beg for mercy.
  • 1913 – Phan Xich Long, the self-proclaimed Emperor of Vietnam, was arrested for organising a revolt against the colonial rule of French Indochina, which was nevertheless carried out by his supporters the following day.
  • 1984 – In what would be the longest and costliest criminal trial in United States history, teachers at the McMartin preschool in Manhattan Beach, California, were falsely charged with satanic ritual abuse of schoolchildren.
  • 1995 – Russian cosmonaut Valeri Polyakov of the Soyuz programme returned from the Mir space station after 437 days in space, setting a record for the longest spaceflight.

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