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The war in Libya: Nato decides how far it wants to go

Nato’s governing body, the North Atlantic Council (NAC), is meeting today in Brussels to decide how deeply it is willing to be drawn into the Libyan conflict. Washington is very keen to hand over this chalice in time for Hillary Clinton and Bob Gates to go on the Sunday morning talk shows and tell the nation that Libya is not longer America’s…

Radioactivity soars in Japan reactor

Radiation at a hobbled nuclear plant in Japan was 10 million times more than normal, officials said. Workers were evacuated on Sunday from the reactor building in Fukushima to prevent exposure, the plant’s operator said. The high radiation levels were detected at reactor number 2 in water that had accumulated in the turbine housing…

Syrian protesters target Baath Party offices

Protesters and Syrian security forces have clashed in the coastal city of Latakia, where mourners attending a funeral set fire to the local Baath Party building and a police station. There were witness reports of Syrian security forces firing tear gas on several hundred protesters who staged a silent sit-in near a mosque in the southern city of…

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