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September 8 was proclaimed as the International Literacy Day by UNESCO on November 17th 1965 and first celebrated in 1966 with the sole aim to highlight the importance of literacy to individuals, communities and societies.

Today some 793 million adults lack the minimum literacy skills; 1 in 5 adults are not literate and 2/3 is women, 75 million children are not studying in school and many more drop out.

According to UNESCO’s “Global Monitoring Report on Education for All (2008)”, South and West Asia has the lowest regional adult literacy (58,6%), Sub-Saharan Africa (59,7%) and the Arab states (62,7%).

Countries with the lowest literacy rates in the world are Burkina Faso (12,8%), Niger (14,4%) and Mali (19%). The report shows that there is a connection between illiteracy, poverty and prejudice against women.

Why is literacy important?

Literacy is a human right, a tool of personal empowerment and a means for social and human development. Educational opportunities depends on literacy as it is the heart of basic education for all, and essential for eradicating poverty, reducing child mortality, curbing population growth, achieving gender equality and ensuring sustainable development, peace and democracy. There are good reasons why literacy is at the core of Education for All (EFA).


Source; Wikipedia and Unesco.

To see the complete list of countries, visit; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_literacy_rate

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  1. Thanks for this great post. (especially since you quoted our Report ;-)).
    Can we send you the most recent EFA Global Monitoring Report? (see also http://www.efareport.unesco.org)

    • Dear Leila Loupis.
      Thank you very much for your comment and the link you wrote.
      I often read UNESCO’s web page and find it very useful and interesting. I will be very happy for the information provided.

      Besides this blog, I have an organization named Armed for the Quill working for human rights, freedom of speech and press for writers, bloggers and authors. On facebook we have a group with over 18 000 members, so I will be happy to publish it there as I always publish my blog articles there as well.

      My email is hatefmokhtar.aftq@gmail.com

      Best regards
      Hatef Mokhtar

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