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Despite a lot of hue and cry over the province’s resolution, it is evident that the situation in Balochistan is not being handled properly by the Pakistan government. As a result, Pakistan flag is fast diminishing from the province and perhaps a new national anthem is also being written there. In a planned way, non Baloch people are being massacred and subjected to inhuman atrocities.

 With the entire world criticising these activities and the most recent one in which 18 passengers were shot dead while travelling in a bus, a lot needs to be seen on the other side of the veil. The Pakistani government is trying to shrug its shoulders to the fact that the province of Balochistan has not been attended well since the time Pakistan was born. The parliamentarians staying in Islamabad with all basic and luxurious amenities should step out of their comfort zones and should try visiting the region at least once. It would be hard for them to digest the fact that the city that they reside in and Balochistan are the parts of the same country. We would not be surprised if they get horrified to see the living conditions there.
Every legislature of Balochistan is given 250 million rupees which never seems to reach the real public of the region. The place where the Pakistani government has failed badly is cross-checking to see whether the funds disposed by the government are actually being used for the betterment of the people or not. It is a hard fact and has to be taken with a pinch of salt that these funds given for the betterment of this region have never been used for the same purpose for which they were never actually used for the purpose they were allotted originally. The leaders and administrators who got these funds used them for ensuring a regal lifestyle for themselves, sending their families abroad, building empires in Pakistan and other countries and for buying expensive cars. These administrators were too busy bettering their lives that they simply forgot to work for the upliftment of their tribesmen.
The naked truth behind all this gung-ho is that the poor tribesmen in Balochistan are living a wretched life undergoing all atrocities done by the Sardars. These poor men have to pay a huge amount of their income to these Sardars who do little for them. These Sardars provide no facilities like education, healthcare or any other basic amenities to these poor tribal people. Besides all these atrocities, out of the judiciary in the country, these Sardars have even maintained private jails to punish those who raise their heads against them!
Perhaps the government thinks that just by starting Aghaz-e-Haqooq-e-Balochistan would help them win over the rebel Sardars of the region. It is such a shame that no one sitting in the air-conditioned offices of Islamabad never bothered to even consult the local people before starting this campaign as to what their real problems are. Gone are the days when rebels could be satisfied by false promises of the ruling governments.
It is not that the government is not taking initiatives for the betterment of this region. Billions of rupees are being sunk in the Benazir Income support program, Waseela-e-Haq and other government supported programmes. But all this seems little when one sees the deserving poor people suffering and leaving no stone unturned to get help. It is worth mentioning here that even the recent session to address the current situation in Balochistan could not do much to address the real problem.
Another reason which has raised a lot of eyebrows recently is the fact that other countries are also addressing the situation and are perhaps trying to take advantage of this extreme situation in Balochistan province of Pakistan. Even US parliament has discussed this problem and presented a resolution to support the separatist movement in the region.
It is time that the world community should understand that the solution to all administrative problems cannot be found the way it was found in Iraq or Libya.
By vowing to help the rebels, the US and some other countries are only fuelling the fire and not doing anything to really work on the issue. On behalf of the team of The Oslo Times, I would request the governments of these nations to try and find a better way of helping the people of this region rather than making their lives a living hell.
For the Pakistan government, all I can say is that it is high time they should take concrete steps by using their intelligence and money on something more useful rather than just creating a hype about this issue which is building up fast in the nation and may become a reason for a bigger breakage later.


  1. Hello! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I truly enjoy reading your blog posts. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that go over the same topics? Thanks a ton!

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