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India when today this word comes to our mind we feel the great economic advancements but it comes with a cost of countless and unaccounted money which have been lost by the government in scams.

These scams have blackened the image of this country and now the investors are starting to lose their confidence in the economy. It is the scams which are one of the reasons that the country who used to receive more than 29 billion dollars of foreign direct investments is struggling now to even achieve a meager amount of 1 billion dollar this year. Corruption has survived in this country not from decades but from centuries.
It has now become a day to day part of once life and sometimes when a person like Anna Hazare speaks against it people even though support his voice but from inside everybody started to worry that what will happen if the bribe taking ritual is finished in the country. What will happen to the smoothness of the work which is being carried out through the corrupt forms of practices?
When a system becomes engraved in a society like its growth pillar it becomes extremely impossible task to eradicate a habit which had survived every legendary force and figure who voiced against it. As India moves forward on the horse of development the ratio of corruption also takes strides to fulfill the greedy surviving minds of gigantic corporate who just want the extra share in the growth story of a country without even concerning about the effect their bribes would cost to the lives of those who still live their life less than a dollar a day.
India is considered and has been an inspiration as a leader to the world as a largest running democracy but when it comes to work in a transparent accountable environment of politics it loses its sheen.
The scams which rocked this vibrant country were just peanuts in the mouth of a camel that now has got a lion’s share which has never been heard or have done before in any country. This scam has been titled as the mother of all scams in the world 210bn Dollars which is an amount sufficient enough to feed many crisis ridden countries of Europe pleading for bailout packages. With this amount billions of striving mouths can be fed. But the nature of scam is something like which is of a foolish nature done by government under the wrong asset valuation of national wealth.
It is the state when the government is being headed by Indian’s greatest economists and team of great leaders known for their financial – politics – economical knowledge. The UPA lead government from the last two consecutive terms has remained in the dock of corruption with the charge of scammed amount as huge as this latest one which has crossed all barriers of corrupt governance.
This has happened when the Honorable Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh too lead the coal ministry for some time. Now the dilemma is if the coal reserves were auctioned to mining tycoons then why the actual valuation wasn’t done and now since the leader of a country too had head the same department at that time when auction was done then along with several other ministries then who the people and who the judiciary will blame and now the question rises that how the charges of this massive fraud with the national wealth and public accounts would be put against the so called culprits.
India since has always been considered as a responsible member of a international community so government should think and review the centuries old systems of bureaucracy which is now destroying the very confidence of general public.
The nation due to these kinds of negligence and wrong governance along with serious parallel system of corruption which has made inroads in each and every corner of the Indian society already fueled major anti government revolutions like naxalism, separatism in major part of the country.
It is this corruption which has ruined half of the country at the hands of terrorism. It is the negligence of the government whose policies are great at paper but when it comes to implementation at the ground level hardly a person receives their benefits.
There is famous saying in India which even was also authenticated and approved by the ex-prime minister Late Mr. Rajiv Gandhi and also his son Mr. Rahul Gandhi in every election that “when government send Rs.100 to person he receives only Rs.1 or sometimes that too never received by the common public, so, this is the level and scenario of a country where more than billion people lives.
The government should now put a complete check and monitoring system for the accountability of each and every public department including the ministries and PMO. Government should pass the law of Jan Lokpal Bill which has been the recent subject for the heated nationwide rage and political debate.
Public has now want answers from all the elected leaders whether they are in state or in centre to put a serious check on each and every transaction made by every department or authority irrespective of its level.
India which has now excelling in economical terms must now take a step towards the reforming its political and bureaucratic system.

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  1. I really like what you guys are up too. This kind of clever work and exposure! Keep up the great works guys I’ve added you guys to my own blogroll.

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