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When Mr. Sarkozy was elected as the French president of new generation the speculations were running wild that France will get a new lease of life. However the dust underlying the French carpets of Elysee Palace had to be exposed with the arrival of him.

No French man had thought ever about his tenure as President would be so dismay and controversial. Sarkozy’s popularity only rose because of negative reasons there were hardly any news which has applauded the actions of Sarkozy in a great manner.

He is the person who has divided France on racial grounds, he is the man who betrays his opponents and his allies, and he is the President who brought down the French image in the international circles. Mr. Sarkozy has not only bring shame to France but has also compromised the image of his own country, a nation who have been a ethical and cultural role model for the entire world; a society which has been known for its values and nobility.

Here how the others have to say about him and on his row of scandals: The former International Monetary Fund chief said figures close to the French president and his ruling UMP party choreographed the fallout of the scandal, following accusations he assaulted Nafissatou Diallo.

He said that while he did not believe his encounter with the Sofitel housekeeper was a set-up, he believes his rapid arrest on May 14 and the highly public criminal investigation that ended his presidential chances had been “shaped by those with a political agenda”.
“Perhaps I was politically naive, but I simply did not believe that they would go that far … I didn’t think they could find anything that could stop me,” Mr. Strauss-Kahn says.

Whereas French President Nicolas Sarkozy is rejecting claims that he caused the scandal that thwarted a bid for the presidency by former International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn.
Sarkozy said during a campaign speech in central France April 28 that Strauss-Kahn should “explain himself to the law and spare the French public his remarks.”

It’s not often that a high-ranking French politician loses his temper in this manner; after all, French politics is all about control and image. Ironically, the last person to go unscripted was Sarkozy himself.

On an official visit in 2008 to the French Agricultural Salon, the President was heckled. As Sarkozy tried to shake hands with the man in question, he was told: “Leave me alone. Don’t touch me, you dirty me.” Instead of leaving matters and continuing, a visibly smirking Sarkozy went on the offensive: “Well, then f*** off, you sad b*****d.” The clip went viral and caused a PR nightmare.

A two-decades-old financial scandal threatens to engulf the former French Prime Minister Edouard Balladur – to the deep embarrassment of his former lieutenant, Nicolas Sarkozy.

New evidence emerged in January this year linking President Sarkozy to an off-shore company created in 1994 to handle commissions on large French arms sales to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

The commissions, paid through a company in Luxembourg allegedly created by Mr. Sarkozy as budget minister, were not illegal at the time. It is suspected, however, that cash kick-backs were paid on the contracts – secret commissions on commissions – to fund Mr. Balladur’s failed 1994-95 campaign for the presidency.

His deal turned arms scandal had caused lives of 11 French engineers in a bomb attack which rocked Pakistan straight away after this deal took its effect.

As the mayor of Neuilly, Mr. Sarkozy came to know Mme Bettencourt very well. How well is a matter of dispute? Last week, it was alleged that the Bettencourt family illegally funded Mr. Sarkozy’s early political career with envelopes stuffed with cash. The President angrily denied the allegation on live television on Monday night – but that particular accusation had, in fact, already been withdrawn. And many other allegations, oddities and discrepancies remain.

The French economy is stuttering rather than failing. The government has yet to impose the kind of painful spending cuts envisaged in Britain or Germany. France’s traditional alliance with Germany within the EU has been undermined by divergent views on how to respond to the recession and how best to defend the euro.

The country is divided by – but not entirely opposed to – the radical notion that French people should work beyond the age of 60.

But all this was not enough that the new scandal has come to the light which had diminished the chance of Sarkozy to won the second term as French President; the scandal was [that] the French President Nicolas Sarkozy allegedly received nearly 50 million Euros from former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi during his election campaign in 2007, a media report said.

French law bans candidates from receiving more than 6,300 pounds in cash, but news website Mediapart claims the donation was laundered through bank accounts in Panama and Switzerland, the Daily Mail reported.
A document made public is said to show Sarkozy and Gaddafi made an illegal deal that propelled Sarkozy to power in 2007. Signed by Gaddafi’s former intelligence chief Mussa Kussa in 2006, it refers to an “agreement” to support the campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy, for euros 50 million, the report said.

A governmental briefing note among papers points to numerous visits to Libya by Sarkozy and his colleagues to secure funding. One such visit on October 6, 2005 led to “campaign finance to NS” being “all paid” — assumed to be a reference to Sarkozy who was at the time interior minister raising money for his presidential campaign.

The money was laundered through accounts, including a Swiss one in the name of the sister of Jean-Francois Cope, the leader of Sarkozy’s UMP party and his right-hand man, the report said. It was then distributed through arms dealer Ziad Takieddine, who was a middle man between Arab despots and French politicians, the report said.

The allegations follow claims last year by Gaddafi’s son Saif that Libya had financed Sarkozy’s election.

Sarkozy fiercely denied the allegations at a campaign rally in Toulouse Sunday.

With the opening of these allegations Sarkozy who was on a winning streak lost 10% of its popularity in the opinion polls against his political rival Francois Hollande, who is the front runner in the race to succeed Nicolas Sarkozy as French president, but if he wins, his rise will have as much to do with luck as his own political skill, experts say.

Hollande was Socialist leader five years ago when his partner Segolene Royale ran for president. The couple has since split, but Hollande emerged as the candidate after the downfall last May of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who was then considered the Socialist favorite to defeat Sarkozy.

There is a very famous saying about Nicolas Sarkozy and that is “his past always comes to haunt him.”

This new exposure from Sarkozy’s scandals list has once again embarrassed France and the entire French community in front of the international community. The kind of betrayal this person has shown has never been in the blood of a true French man. French are known for their loyalty, their dignity, their commitments but this man has lead down all these proud values and has proven wrong to the world about this nation.

It is interesting to know that France was the first nation who gone to war with Libya against Gaddafi regime and the person who betrayed Gaddafi was no-one but Sarkozy himself who first sought his support to win Presidential campaign and then at the last months of his power this man changed his stand against a person who made and backed his position as French President.

He is a wolf in sheep’s skin that not only has no French values but also has no values for his own relations. He was the man who supported and applauded Gaddafi regime and he was the man whose ministers used to visit Libya most frequently. He who supported every bid of Libyan tyrant and he was the man who lead to the down fall and murder of his friend who supported him in every difficult time, who supported Sarkozy to be raised on an international platform on every issue possible. But who knew that Sarkozy would stab Gaddafi on his back; who knew that Gaddafi and his regime was supporting a cobra [that] would bite him off and poisoned his people’s mind against him.

Sarkozy is a liar, a cheater, a betrayer, a racist, a person who is a back stabber, a leader who has a hunger for power and control. The world has known him as one of the cheapest politician the world has ever known from the Western world. He has used every bit possible to remain in power which ranges from a housekeeper to even publicly using bad words against a common man while shaking hands or even worse off by taking political funding from tyrant who helped him stood on his feet as President and then later lost his life from his betrayal.

No true French man would have done like this or acted in a manner as this man Nicolas Sarkozy has done. He is not of his community, not of his nation, even not of his friends truthfully as he lacks the purity of his essence which is half in his soul of a French and half of a Hungarian nature.

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