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In the wake of 2008 global economic turmoil rich and developed economies cried out a loud and were bleeding by the torn pockets of the age old public debts and suppressive foreign policies.


But what actually the world was the repetition of the same crisis which the Great Britain had faced after the Second World War [that] is the shrinking of the British Empire where the sun had never set.
When the world was struck by recession Britain was the first country to be hit by its severity. The prolonged drought of financial improvements and unproductive exploitation of the kingdom’s resources has lead to rebellion voices to take control by the end of last year Britain’s main wedding partner Scotland pushed forward for its independence from the union. This lead to the major uproar of the Britain falling legacy as the great imperial leader which was weekend by the crumbling public welfare system in which pensioners were the hardest hit.
With economics going down Britain’s occupation cost is becoming unbearable to the national structure which if not addressed in a planned and more precise manner it would be the second time that Britain would be facing the same series of independence scenarios in which it lost majority of the occupied republics from its crown.
Though the diplomacy is still strong the things take time to get matured enough to become a reality but the past incidents has lead to a major decline in the trust among the British overseas territories and within in the Union itself.
With the loosening of Scotland from the union Britain would leave with zero oil resources from the North, this would make England more vulnerable to economic shocks and weaker diplomacy in the international community as well as within Europe. Apart from the Scottish issue Britain too facing the growing might of Argentina’s claim over Southern Territories of Falkland Islands on which Britain had already fought a war few decades back.
The situation for Britain will become more complex to solve and more tougher with the growth of middle income economies for example Argentina, this may lead to the great bargaining power to the challenging republics rather than to the Great Britain which if got divided alongside with the economic meltdown then it would have no choice but to leave the disputed waters of its territories and in the mainland. The helplessness of Great Britain comes into reality when Foreign Minister William Hague sends letter of support to the companies operating in the Falkland Island which is a part of British Overseas territories.
With growing nationalism in Argentina who is an all time foe and closing of the Scottish referendum in 2014 Britain’s now stands at the crossroads of a partition which if happened in upcoming years of this real world would lead to the total decline of Britain’s imperialism.
Even though with the referendum Scottish will not gain much apart from being independent from the union but the resources of the North Sea on which they are banking upon too are declining where the annual production is going down at rate of 6% whereas the story of Falkland aggression by Argentina even after the defeat in the war with Britain is also rushed and inclined much more of the fact to tap the resource rich waters of the island group.
However the story of the British Partition which started off with the economic recession and rising occupational cost is now being reasoned with the flourishing wealth of oil resources which the claimants wants to take the control of as their prime national wealth. So now it is not the crisis lead by any internal wrong governance or ignorance but with growing yearn of oil and the revenue which it generates for these cash crunch economies of Scotland and Argentina.

With the disunion of the union jack would lead to another centrestage drama just like Britain had faced during the formation of Republic of Ireland. To save it from further embarrassment The Union would need another Good Friday agreement of Belfast to protect it from another dismemberment of its republics.

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