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Environmental Photographer of the Year

This year the focus was on humans and their environment with overall winner, Hong Kong resident Chan Kwok Hung, producing a stunning image of homeless children in Nepal crying on the edge of survival.

He said: ‘The photo was taken in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal and is of two children who lived nearby to the junkyard with their grandmother. ‘Every day they searched the junkyard for something useful that they can resell for money so they can buy food.

‘If they don’t find anything their grandmother blamed them seriously. Unfortunately, they had found nothing for a few days, the little boy felt very hungry.

‘I gave them some money and a biscuit after taking this photo. But who knows who will help them afterwards.’

The 13 judges had to sort through over 10,000 entries from 105 nations, making this the most popular and high calibre year to date.

From children to the fish in the deep sea, these dramatic images captured our natural environemt with its beauty and despair.

Hung said: ‘I’m so proud that I am the winner of the Environmental Photographer of the Year Competition,’ he said. ‘This award is very important and meaningful to me because I can share my photo to the world.’

The judges heaped praise on Chan for the way he depicted the effect on humans that environmental damage causes.

Judge and chairman of the UK Environmental Agency, Lord Smith, said: ‘This is a very graphic image that captures the human impact of homelessness. Coupled with the mountain of rubbish, it links homelessness with the degradation of the environment.

‘Those around the world facing the greater environmental hazards are very often those facing acute poverty too.

I have added some of the pictures and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and feel free to comment 9n which one you like,


Winner – Two children who live nearby to the junkyard with their grandmother in Kathmandu, Nepal. Every day they search the junkyard for something useful that they can resell for money so they can buy food. If they don’t find anything their grandmother blames them. Unfortunately, they had found nothing for a few days and the little boy feels very hungry. The photographer gave them some money and a biscuit after taking this photo. Foto: Chan Kwok Hung ( BULLS )
Winner – Lightning strikes at night illuminating the water falling from Keiteur Falls, the world’s largest single drop waterfall in Kaieteur National Park, Guyana. Foto: James Broscombe ( BULLS )
The pillars of a derelict wharf form a beautiful frame for the ever-preset school of scad circling near the surface. Foto: Chris Gug ( BULLS )
A little boy playing with the smashing river water while standing on a piece of land which had recently broken off from the bank. Foto: Shabbir Ferdous ( BULLS )

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA – UNDATED: African penguins huddle together on the shores of a rocky point while fires burn on the slopes of the hottento holland mountains in Bettys Bay, near Cape Town, South Africa. Foto:


BOTSWANA, AFRICA: African Wild Dogs attacking a warthog in Northern Botswana, Africa. Foto: Suzi Eszterhas / EPOTY.ORG ( BULLS )
A bird leaping from the snow. Foto: Jamie Unwin ( BULLS/EPOTY.ORG )
A Pink salmon battles fast flowing water in preparation to leap over a waterfall and continue its journey up river to spawn. Foto: Thomas P. Peschak ( BULLS/EPOTY.ORG )
This fearless cleaner shrimp gets into this moray eel to clean his teeth. Foto: Jamie Unwin ( BULLS/EPOTY.ORG )
A Kingfisher dives into water in an attempt to catch some fish. Foto: Jamie Unwin ( BULLS/EPOTY.ORG )

As children play in the foreground, pollution from steel and chemical plants dominates the sky in Enakievo, Ukraine. Foto: Friedman ( BULLS/EPOTY.ORG )


Thousands of devotees offer prayers during the Ijtema, bringing traffic to a standstill along one of the busiest roads in Tongi, Bangladesh. Foto: Gautam Basu ( BULLS/EPOTY.ORG )
A homeless mother preparing to send her daughter to school in the morning, while her still sleepy son clings to her in India. Foto: Gautam Basu ( BULLS/EPOTY.ORG )
Green-crowned Brilliant hummingbird female driving a blow to a male. Foto: Csaba Tokolyi ( BULLS/EPOTY.ORG )
A wild infant Japanese Macaque. Foto: Graham Morgan ( BULLS/EPTOY.ORG )
Source:Daily mail

Green Caged Zoos of India

Un-Regulated Eco Tourism destroying Wild Life National Parks in India

Resorts near & around Wild Life National Parks in India are a big menace. Slowly making the paradise a green caged zoo. This must be controlled. The govt must put checks on the progress & corruption of officials who are making / acting as a facilitators to investors ultimately increasing the numbers of tourism real estate in the vicinity. This not only giving rise to Poaching activities by making forest more accessible to high profile ones but also

putting immense pressure on already crumbled & flawed system / infrastructure of the Indian Wild Life Parks.”

The most prominent ones like Corbett, Bandhavgarh etc. Where not only the precious forest land is being sold to greedy investors but also transform the heaven into the slowly intruding urban mess. Most of the people coming to these parks are neither being properly updated nor being controlled by the forest staff. & to add oil to the fire the resort owners are exploiting the serenity of the environment by providing “non Eco friendly activities & facilities which are major proving disturbances in the conservation as well as the non-blending of the human visitors to the park.”

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