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Anna Hazare: The Man Who Changed Indian History

73 year old Anna Hazare who has reconstructed the present era of the country with his revolution against corruption in the country, has shown to the world that if your motive is true, you can garner the support of an entire country including the young and the children. The revolution that started from a simple ground in central Delhi, the entire world became captive of this man’s fast unto death movement. This movement witnessed the participation of more than a million followers and got support from all sections of the society.
A Gandhian in body, mind and spirit suddenly became the face of India’s fight against corruption. A country which was tired of rhetoric and corruption which has percolated to its deepest lanes suddenly woke up to the revolution against corruption which was started by Anna. The teaming millions chanting the slogan of ‘I am Anna’ largely came together with the help of a very effective social media campaign, headed by Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi and Prashant Bhushan aptly known as the ‘Team Anna’.
Hazare, a former army man, began his social activism from Ralegan Siddhi, a village in Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra, where he successfully led a movement against alcoholism and made Ralegan Siddhi a model village. Hazare’s campaign was instrumental in the implementation of the Right to Information Act in Maharashtra, which is considered one of the best RTI Acts in the country.
It is surprising that an enlightened man like Anna once wanted to kill himself as he was not able to find a purpose in his life and was feeling utterly hopeless. It is said that one day at New Delhi Railway Station, he found a book on Swami Vivekananda. He concluded that the motive of his life lay in service to his fellow men.
Anna Hazare not only found a supporter in the common man but even the celebrities, socialites, and political circle as well. However, this is not a new battle for him. He has fought many battles while being in the country’s army. It seems that the man has the combination of Subhash Chandra Bose’s fiery temperament and the political mind of Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi which no government can handle.
After taking voluntary retirement from Army, he returned to his native village only to find the farmers back home struggling for survival. He started rainwater conservation that put his little hamlet on the international map. drop two corrupt Cabinet Ministers. In 2003, he forced the Congress-
In the year 1995-96, he also forced the Sena-BJP government in Maharashtra to drop two corrupt ministers from the cabinet. In 2003, he also forced the Congress-Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) state government to set up an investigation against four ministers. In April this year, four days of fasting brought thousands of people out in support of his crusade against corruption. They also made the government realise it could not be dismissive about Anna Hazare and his mass appeal.
His relationship with the UPA government has been strained to say the least from very start. The truce of April was short-lived. An exercise to set up a joint committee made up of equal numbers of Government representatives and civil society activists, including Anna Hazare came to naught when the two sides failed to agree and drafted two different Lok Pal Bills. The government has brought its version in Parliament and Team Anna was livid.
Team Anna needs to realized, that it is against a mighty democracy run by some most corrupt and shrewd mind is in the world. It needs to make its moves very strategically. The govt. not only delayed the bringing of the bill but also, finally succeeded in not passing it in the winter session of the parliament.
While the govt. failed to pass the anti-corruption bill in the parliament, it failed the promised given to Anna and the people of the country, the movement itself has not died. It will rise once again, like phoenix from the ashes, despite Anna’s ill health and the confusion team Anna is facing. They will find victory coz now India’s has had enough, and India will be grateful to the man who brought this change.


Student of Gandhi vs Nation of Gandhi

In the time when the history of 20thcentury was about to be written, when the voice of Leninists was echoing around, when the world was waiting for a new villain of the mankind, the decade when sun was started to set in the all time shiny empire under the sheets of union jack.

There was one corner in the world of spices where the non violence was raging the storm of freedom bringing the nation together while encouraging the wombs to produce the sons of soil. There was a family in Bhingar village of Hinganghat in Maharashtra who was expecting the star to be born and the moment came on 15 June 1937 when Hazare couple Laxmibai Hazare and Baburao Hazare gets their future in the shape of son who would reshape 21st century India.

Kisan Baburao Hazare or Anna Hazare (pic) is a self made man born in the Gandhian era and is the only national figure of importance who knows the value of the Indian freedom and the sacrifice which it had demanded. In 1952 when his father resigned from the job and shifted to his native village Ralegan Siddhi in Ahmadnagar district of Maharashtra, his poor economic condition forced him to take up an employment while he was in seventh standard. Despite not being meeting the physical requirements he was recruited at the age of 25 emergency recruitments which were being made during Indo-China war in 1962 when the large scale of army requirements were the norms of the national importance.

He started his full fledged army career in 1963 as a driver. During 1965 Indo-Pak war he was the only survival in the convoy which was attacked in the Khem Karan sector near the border where he was posted. The incident changed his life and his mindset completely but he got his new direction from a titled of the book written by Swami Vivekananda “Call to the youth for nation building.” After 12 years of his service in Indian Army he took voluntary retirement in 1978.

He was apprised by Sainya Seva Medal, Nine Years Long Service Medal, Sangram Medal, 25th Independent Anniversary Medal, and Pashimi Star award. But who knew that this leader who had returned to his native village of Ralegan Siddhi will start a new definition of irrigation in the drought prone region where hardly a drop of water falls in rain shadow area. Where the population was living under acute poverty, but the lion had already took the charge of the battle which was about to be fought against the bureaucracy, social discrimination, and other anti social odds.

Within few years of his campaign the results were started to yield fruits in the village, from mere 75 acres of land under cultivation his campaign and innovative drip irrigation system converted 2500 acres of land under sustainable agriculture. He gives a new definition of the rain water harvesting and its irrigation usages. He encouraged youth to help in building the region into a role model for the whole nation. Millions of saplings were planted on the eroded slopes of the naked hills hence improving the environment and soil holding process to its prime.

His native village, a land where only hunger and poverty had lived since the time unknown was transformed into a prosperous fertile land of happiness where ban on alcohol, ban on tree felling, ban on grazing and volunteer labor gave the new life to the dry lands of his rural heartland into a flourishing agricultural fields. He brought the different communities together to work as one unit hence abolishing the caste system from the lives of his people.

His campaign in 1998 and 2006 forced the government to amend Gram Sabha Act and include the participation of villagers into the development and other matters concerned to their locality. This gave much needed teeth to the rural population in the country. Nevertheless, the major boon to his Gandhian philosophy came when he started the campaign for RTI ACT or Right to Information Act to fight against the growing corruption menace in the country.

Various organizations and activists came forward to support him against the government finally forcing the state to bring the RTI in 2009. This gave the power to the Indians of accessing the public information and its accounts. The benchmarking act transformed him from a mere soldier to a national leader, whom the people admire him as a modern Gandhi, who has once again showed the nation a true picture of the father of nation.

Due to this act numerous scams were exposed and many public servants and ministers were brought to trial. But the this was not enough, the hurricane was about to reach the coast of National Parliament when the doors were to be shattered with the foot falls of the general public who will show the power of a true vibrant democracy and whose sound will make the ears of corrupt cabinet deaf.

And the democracy was turned into an arena where the battle of corruption will be fought which will decide the fate of the nation

Since, the public extensively uses the weapon of RTI the curtains of corruption fallen of the records covered under the dust of scams done in the past and in the present day scenarios.  This has raged the storm of this student of Gandhi who is being driving the nation against the democratic donkeys who don’t know how to rule the country and function for its people.

He first went on fast on 5th April 2011 forcing the government to present the Lokpal Bill or Anti Corruption Bill in the Parliament and within no time the effect of his fasting was showing its signs, the cabinet formed a standing committee for the review of the respective bill and call team Anna for discussing their point of view and requirements to be added into the bill but as Anna quit fasting and his storm slows down the bill matter comes into the bureaucratic jittery and the draft which was presented into the house did not include the points raised by Anna and the general public in it.

It was found later that many departments including the PMO were kept out of the jurisdiction and monitoring of Lok Pal Bill. Then the series of warnings and letter conversation took off in the air which attracted the attention of the general public and all the public figures but the ruling coalition seems to be insensitive to the matter and showed no signs of coming to the agreeable terms of Anna. As the rains sets in and the parliament of the world’s biggest democracy begins its monsoon session, the date came 28th July 2011 when Anna spokes out to PM and other government officials in public:

“Why are you (government) sending the wrong draft? We have faith in Parliament. But first send the right draft; our agitation is against government, not Parliament. The government has overlooked many points. How will it fight corruption by excluding government employees, CBI and prime minister from the Lokpal’s purview? We were told that both the drafts would be sent to the Cabinet. But only the government’s draft was sent. This is a deceitful government. They are lying. How will they run the country? Now I have no trust in this government. If it is really serious about fighting corruption, why is it not bringing government employees and CBI under Lokpal?” – Anna Hazare

But as it is very well said that there was silence before the arrival of the storm and the silence broke in the rainy afternoon of 15th August 2011 when Anna just went inside the Rajghat the Mausoleum of Mahatma Gandhi when he without warning or any official declaration or permission started fasting, seeing the great spirit alongside the another the huge crowd of visitors and supporters gathered and offered him the support, by the evening he was arrested and taken to jail where he spent 24 hours under custody but he didn’t break his fast and continued with it.

Feeling the heat of agitation and the anger of public the orders were passed for his release, from that day to till this day when this article was being written he was still fasting and the country of more than a billion heads is running on the road, protesting in front of every minister and bureaucrat to either support them or if not then resign from the service.

The path of non-violence and peace which the great philosopher and a legend Mahatma Gandhi or Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi has been risen like phoenix risen from its sleep of 100 years. This has proven once again the non violence has always been a lethal weapon against those who thinks they are powerful if they carry bullets in the ballot.

Though the student of Gandhi has been fighting with the nation of Gandhi which has been transformed from a land of cultures and values to the land of greed and corruption where though the leaders wear the white but the black is still hidden in the hearts of their selfish souls.

Though the power of ballot has changed this country a lot but the choice of ballot has always controlled the flow of prosperity for which the country has dreamt of. Once the Late PM Rajiv Gandhi had said that I am aware that the government sends 100 rupees to the public but only 15 rupees reaches the needy.

After the gap of two decades his son and a respected member of parliament Rahul Gandhi says though the government send 100 rupees but now only 10 rupees reaches the common public, but these are the hollow statements whereas the truth is even more worse general public hardly receives a single penny now these days the corruption has spread so deep into the daily working public system that even the private sectors has also fallen into the same line of practicing.

So the slow isolated campaign which was started long ago has now taken the shape of a revolution into a world’s biggest fight against corruption. It has now been proven that it is just like a second freedom struggle which is being fought on the grounds against the disease called corruption.

In his welfare career history Anna Hazare was awarded by many honors and the prominent among them are Padma Sri in 1990 and Padma Bhushan in 1992, the two being among the highest civilian awards. And most recently he was honored by World Bank in 2008 with Jit Gill Memorial Award.

The nation salutes this hero who has never asked for any monetary or social comfort but has always remained committed towards his country and his people.

The end of the cleptocrate woman

Two days before the resignation, Leila ben Ali transferred 400 million euro to Dubai, besides this she also demanded that 1 1/2 tonn gold woud be flown out of the country. When the sentralbank didnt show any effort to accept this demand, she nagged on her husband until he transferred gold worth 45 million euro with just making one phone call. She would command her prostate cancer husband to do anything that she wanted but didnt understand that this would hit them in the face one day. January 14th 2011, the hated family and one servant was escorted to the runway where a Boeing 737 was waiting for them. The plane taking off showed that it was the end for the cleptocrate Leila Ben Ali who had gone from being a hairdresser to First lady. She was dissolved in tears as the desire and plans of being the first woman to take over power was destroyed.

In went from bad to worst in the plane. In the airspace somewhere between Libya and Egypt, the pilotes got order to land in Dschidda in the very religious Saudi Arabia, because it was here the family had got permit to stay. this didnt suit the former hairdresser well as she had never in her life worn hijab and never turned down a drink. Women in Saudi Arabi have to cover their hair and all alcohol is strictly forbidden.

Leila was born as Trabelsi and into poverty in July 20th 1957. She married just 18 years old with a newspaper dealer but the marriage lasted only for 3 years. The young and sexy woman had bigger plans for herself. She managed to catch then security minister Ben Ali and when he took over power in 1987 in a coup, the poor girl had become first lady. And she enjoyed the power as she treated the ministers as lackeys and reigned as a queen. First in the shadow of her husband, then in front of him leaving him in the shadow. She gave important and prominent positions to her relatives and plundered Tunisia for its money.

In the days before the escape, she worked hard to move and values out of the country and managed to buy an apartment near the triumphal arch in Paris for the safety of his son Mohammed’s name.
It is strange how a woman who was born into poverty could be so blinded by greed that it marked both her and her husbands end. She should have understood her people’s situation and have empathy with the needy, but instead they chose to look the other way and enjoy the power and wealth. The Ben Ali’s would have gone far with the 400 million euro they posessed, and she could at least have opened schools, orphanages and shelter for women and girls who had been victims of violence and abuse. Then at least she would have left with her dignity and self respect instead of shame.

Green Caged Zoos of India

Un-Regulated Eco Tourism destroying Wild Life National Parks in India

Resorts near & around Wild Life National Parks in India are a big menace. Slowly making the paradise a green caged zoo. This must be controlled. The govt must put checks on the progress & corruption of officials who are making / acting as a facilitators to investors ultimately increasing the numbers of tourism real estate in the vicinity. This not only giving rise to Poaching activities by making forest more accessible to high profile ones but also

putting immense pressure on already crumbled & flawed system / infrastructure of the Indian Wild Life Parks.”

The most prominent ones like Corbett, Bandhavgarh etc. Where not only the precious forest land is being sold to greedy investors but also transform the heaven into the slowly intruding urban mess. Most of the people coming to these parks are neither being properly updated nor being controlled by the forest staff. & to add oil to the fire the resort owners are exploiting the serenity of the environment by providing “non Eco friendly activities & facilities which are major proving disturbances in the conservation as well as the non-blending of the human visitors to the park.”

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