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Extremism knocking Libyan doors – Future in Limbo

The world saw, last year, the falling of a dictator who ruled his country for more than 40 years.

It is not unknown to the world how the reign of Late Col Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi ended in Libya. It was Gaddafi, who abolished the monarchy in Libya in a bloodless coup and formed an entirely new constitution in 1969 and brought the divided tribal Libyan heartland under the fold and dominion of one flag and one nation governance.
At that time, he was viewed by his people and the general public as a liberator, a hero who was their true committed brotherly leader. However, what happened later was something which no one could expect then.
More than his duties towards his nation, Col Gaddafi was known for his flamboyant dresses and lifestyle which was backed by his brigade of female bodyguards. Destiny played a ruthless role in the lives of the people in Libya when their beloved leader treated them with inhumanity and madness. Having ruled for forty two years, Gaddafi personally ordered and executed many smiling and rebellion souls whom he thought to be a threat to his political survival or could challenge his authority.
The first such incident took place when he mercilessly killed the students and teachers who participated in the protests organised in Benghazi’s Engineering College in April of 1977. It was the first display of the ruthlessness of the leader who did not think twice before hanging the dead bodies of the rebels on the street lights to create fear among masses. Since then, Gaddafi came to be known as one of the prominent dictators of the country and continued to rule the innocent people of Libya with his iron fist.
Since that time itself, the heavy handed dealing of Gaddafi resulted in the outburst of rage that created shock and awe situation in the entire global community. These were the moments when the rules of fist episodes were being written in the unfinished chapters of the Green Book. The shine of his legacy had started to fade away from the sands of his nativity for which he was honoured as King of the Kings.
However, the true colours of Gaddafi and his supporters were unfolded when more than 200,000 innocent people were butchered on brave heartedly struggling against his regime. A large number of these people are still missing and nobody knows what happened to them. The situation changed on October 20, 2011 when he was struck by air raid on his convoy running for his life in his hometown Sirte.
How his regime ended is not unknown to the world, but how it all happened was shocking to the civilian world. The treatment Gaddafi received during his final moments from the rebels was non-deserving and unpredictable. Although, we all can understand the situations which the people were put into during his tenure as the ruler of Libya, still the inhuman and beastly behaviour of the rebels was also disheartening.
We all know that he has done countless atrocities and curbed the raising voices through his iron fist but he too was a human and deserved the same treatment we all want for ourselves. Ideally, he should have got a chance to be tried in the court of law. Instead of doing all this, he was killed ruthlessly and his body denied of proper burying rituals. It breaks the heart to learn that his body was kept in an unhygienic meat freezer for four days, making it smell badly and taking pictures to prove to the world that he has actually died. It may be a lesson to other dictators like Bashar al Asad in Syria but still it was cruel.
Now since Gaddafi has gone, the role of NATO in Libya has ended. However, a lot remains to be done now than was done earlier. NATO should come forward and take the new responsibility of un-arming the rebels and the general population which was given arms taking into considerations of the National Transitional Council. If this is not done well within time, the world may soon see the uprising of another nation like Afghanistan where hostilities of war lords and mafias are beyond control of the civic governance.
What happened in Afghanistan is not unknown to the world. After the departure of the Russian troops, the country entered one of the worst known civil wars of the world as the people had been armed by CIA to fight the Russians. In case NATO does not disarm the people in Libya, the innocent people of the country would have to suffer the wrath. Not only this, like Taliban, some extremist group may just become a threat to the world peace. The US and its allies should not commit the same mistake again.
The signs of the country turning into a war zone have already started appearing. Thousands of people, including women and children have been detained by the rebel militias in Libya post Gaddafi regime. A large number of these prisoners are suffering atrocities and inhuman behaviour and are being tortured by every possible way.
The prisoners detained by Gaddafi have been released and their vacant cells have been filled up by the new enemies of the state who are waiting for their end. Lawlessness is prevailing in several regions as the police is not able to return to work. In other cities also, the role of the police has been restricted to merely controlling traffic. The continuing human rights abuses in the country are a big issue for concern.
It is high time that the world leaders, who helped in the ouster of Gaddafi, step in to take control. UNO should intervene and pass a resolution giving responsibility to all five permanent members who not only illegally armed the general public to make them mean fighting rebels but are also responsible for the human right abuses committed by them during the war.
NATO and NTC rebels who killed Gaddafi and went on rampage to loot the surviving members of his family should be tried in the international court of justice. For the sake of the security and true independence of the general public in Libya, these rebels should be made responsible and penalised for their acts and violations carried out in Libyan civil war.

The global community must acknowledge that the end of dictatorship brings along a pool of challenges to be dealt with. The world must come together and unite in an effort to support and help Libyan people on road to develop a vibrant united democratic nation with due respect and freedom to their fundamental rights.
If this is not done in time, the day is not far when the new breed of extremism will rise and pose danger to international stability whitewashing the global efforts of bringing peace and democracy in the war stricken country of Libya.

End of Dictatorship – Crossroad of extremism

Flipping to the pages of history, I found the un-predictable nature of political transformations which gave way to new forms of governance while ridding away from the age old tribal and monarchy rules but something is about to change the scenario, a scenario where even being an un-official figure one will rule the nation and take the world on ride; in a hot summer months when the life in Sahara becomes the worst in terms of survival one June a child was born in 1942 in burning sands of vast spread rural heartlands of Qasr Abu Hadi near the town of Sirte in a Bedouin tent.

The world earlier was divided on the grounds of territory but with the introduction of the authoritarian dictatorships which have ruled the corners of globe on the base of its distinct and conflicting ideologies. These concepts of think-tank governing divided the world into the pieces of play cards where the forces were got involved in the tussle to decide which donkey will rule the world and lead his people.

The world wars which were fought telling the stories of capitalism and fascism or communism were actually fought to establish once own concept of ideologies which haunted the world for over a century making the world a hotbed of extremism which unveil its first form, a form, a purity of rule of thumb, a definition of authority named as dictator and his political form a ship which when combines becomes a dictatorship it has numerous sub forms varying on the points of perceptions ranging from Fascism, Nazism, Leninism, Stalinism, Maoism, Military or Junta, absolute monarchy (traditional form), Religious governments, communism, warlords’ and tribal leaderships (traditional form).

Even though many part with this totalitarianism whereas majority wants the democratic freedom to be theirs, after the end of World War II many countries witnessed the drastic revolutions which not only changed their lives but also put the entire regulatory system to suppress the freedom of every ones lives.

A land of deserts and dying souls which never have ever thought that it would become the sunshine of ideology to the world where the rule of some of the authoritarian will took its shape, a shape which no-one would or could ever imagined about. It was hidden silence of Suez crisis which gave rise to a person who not only transforms the nature of entire governance but also the perceptions about rule of the masses and the name of that person was ‘Late Col Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi’ or simply ‘Gaddafi’ which the world has known to call him always.

This was the person who abolished the Libyan monarchy in a bloodless coup and formed a new constitution in 1969 bringing the divided tribal Libyan heartland under the fold and dominion of one flag and one nation governance. This was the time when people of different races and cultures see him as a liberator, as hero, as their true committed brotherly leader but destiny was busy in writing something unexpected which one day will shake the world and its tyrant leaders ruling in the close Libyan neighborhoods.

Gaddafi during his rule was known for his flamboyant dresses and lifestyle which were backed and guarded by his brigade of female bodyguards who have always been the uncompromised security delegation travelling lavishly protecting their leaders back from hawking eyes.

Even though he taken the country on ride of development and prosperity for all under the new unique system of Jamahiriya or ruled by the masses as he popularly famed it was just a false carpet which covers the hidden truth behind the madness and inhumanity of this brotherly leader who was not so brotherly to his own people, having ruled for forty two years Gaddafi personally ordered and executed many smiling and rebellion souls whom he thought to be a threat to his political survival or could challenge his authority. But who had predicted the outcome which his destiny had planned for him for his deeds which stole the lives of hundreds and thousands of innocents died mercilessly for their wish to live in freedom and liberty of being democratic.

One of the initial examples of mercilessness is the killing of students and participating teachers in protests organized in ‘Benghazi’s Engineering College in the warm April of 1977’ whose participant bodies were hanged on the street lights after being executed for the exhibition so that people should learn about his power and the result if they try to raise their heads against him.

However it is true always to say that the ball never lies in one court, it sometimes fall in one while sometime it rolls in others and the moment came on when his colleagues and friendly allies faced the wrath of spring uprisings which shook the whole world by surprise igniting its flame from Tunisia while making the Egyptian dictator abandon his crown forcing him to flee whereas ultimately hitting hard at Gaddafi’s tented doors on 15 February 2011 making it the worst in the series of ‘Arab Spring’.

A small unarmed rebellion which rose by surprise in the silent corners of Benghazi was the beginning of the end of Gaddafi era which in no time spread like a wild fire across the country and drag the whole world’s attention towards its cause and cries overshadowing the other’s revolting against in the near quarters while buying the time for the self styled dictators like “Bashar al Assad of Syria, Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen, Sultan Quboos of Oman, King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa of Bahrain” and “many regimes like of Jordan, Mauritania, Western Sahara, Palestinian clashes near Israeli border, Iraq, Kuwait, Sudan, Morocco and even a slight silent hidden protests in UAE and Saudi Arabia” where the eyes of all international media was wide shut and divert their cameras towards the killing spree and cut throat war between the pro Gaddafi forces and the newly recognized NTC rebel forces backed by the mean stealth power of NATO strike forces.

The heavy handed dealing by their leader results in the outburst of rage which created the shock and awe situation in the entire global community. These were the moments when the rule of fist episodes was being written in the unfinished chapters of the ‘Green Book’. The shine of his legacy was started to fade away from the sands of his nativity for which he was honored as ‘King of Kings’.

But the brutality of the actual reality revealed the true colors of the Gaddafi supporters and of him as well which took the lives of more than 200,000 souls who brave hearted the struggle against him and his suppression. Many are said to be still missing and many have become the part of this deadly victory. Which clean sweep the well trained force and their leader finally on October 20th 2011 when the so called ‘king of kings’ was struck by the air raid on his convoy running for his life like a mad dog and finally hidden like a rat in a drainage pipes in the deserted city of his hometown Sirte the last arena of his power base falling in the hands of those whom he called once with the same names and now was lying and acting in the same manner.

Lesson for the World Dictators and the violation of human rights by rebels:

What shocked the world and even the entire partly recognized ‘National Transitional Council’ that the treatment which Gaddafi received at the hands of rebels was truly not deserving and unpredictable. Though it was understood that the storm of rage was building up in the minds’ and hearts’ of a common public which rose against and ended the dictator and his regime but the treatment which they gave in the final moments of Col Gaddafi was totally inhuman and unforgiving. The culprits cannot be forgiven and their reasons cannot be justified on any grounds and at all costs for their cruelty and the violations of the human rights protected under ‘Geneva Convention’.

Even though he has done countless atrocities and curbed the raising voices through the iron fist but he too is a human being and no matter how he has been but no religion, no book of law, no culture says that you treat the human or even a devil like this. He must had given a chance to defend himself under the fair trail procedures whereas when he was killed by the rebels his body must be buried and given proper burial rites but instead of doing this they not only killed him while taking him into custody and reporting to the concerned authority but they took his body to Misurata where they kept it in a unhygienic meat freezer for four days making the whole body into a smelling carcass, taking pictures and allowing public to rid of its fear by putting it on national exhibition nevertheless doing the same with his son Mutassim Al Islam as well.

But all an all it is also the lesson to those ones like ‘Syria’s Bashar al Assad’ to stop killing and suppressing his own people and take a step forward towards democracy and freedom to the public not to the government. These leaders should now learn that this is what happens if your collar will fall in hands of the common man whom you have crushed, tortured, suppress with your iron fist and even killed them mercilessly without caring about their cries and pain they were living into and are going through.

The passion and the real pleasure is not in the power of your luxury which these dictators want but serving your people with honesty, providing them with opportunities, raising their level of liberty and freedom of fundamental rights without any un-necessary regulations on them.

Now what for Libya when Gaddafi has gone forever?   

Now since the 42 years old authority gone the question arises what will now happen to the Libyan dream the rebels who fought and those who guided as the support in the war against the pro Gaddafi forces and their dictator, must take the responsibility to form the political system under a democratic format and encourage the youth and those who didn’t served under Gaddafi regime on any of the political positions or in any government departments. The council must represent the sections of all the tribes and communities which form the Libyan nation at large. However before deciding what to do? the international community should help and support the NTC and its leaders to establish the normalcy and national stability in Libya.

Though NATO’s role has ended after Gaddafi’s death but it should take the new responsibility to un-armed the rebels and the general population whom he supplied with the weapons taking into considerations of the National Transitional Council. Otherwise if this not be done and left un-addressed Libya will become the another example similar to Afghanistan where the CIA had armed the Mujahedeen to fight against Soviet Occupancy which started its supplies to armed the public there in 1979 and now the situation is known to everyone that CIA left the Afghan people heavily armed which has transformed not only their country into a banana republic ruled by warlords and mafias without any strong constitutional governance but also the neighboring Pakistan too.

As during the withdrawal of Russian troops from there the local public and the political leaders turned the once peaceful united country into war zone making it the one of the worst civil wars in the human history from the period of 1990 till 1996 under the President ship of Burhanuddin Rabbani and then carried forward by the extremist Taliban who ruled Afghanistan as de-facto rulers turning world into a living hell from then on and now it is a fresh mistake done by the same old culprit who is used to do mistakes all the time earlier it was CIA and now NATO. So, this time West and the US should not left this menace unaddressed otherwise Libyans will turn the globe into rotting flesh where only smells of dead will come and nothing will survive in peace.

Taking the toll not only on their local people but also posing a constant threat to the global peace giving rise to a whole new form of extremism or in other words the orthodox fundamentalist society and system, the US and its allies must learn from their mistake and if they are serious they should not repeat the same in Libya.

UNO must intervene and should pass a resolution which would give responsibility to all the five permanent members specifically France, the UK and the US who not only illegally armed the general public and transformed them into a mean fighting rebels but also equally responsible for the human rights violations committed by them during the war which took numerous civilian lives and unaccounted number of infrastructural damages caused by the ill planned and haphazard way of strike launching and target hitting.

NATO and NTC rebels who killed Gaddafi, who gone on rampage and on looting drive along with the Gaddafi’s surviving family members must be brought to trial under the International Court of Justice and should be made responsible and penalized for their acts and violations carried out in the Libyan civil war.

Even though NATO has declared end to its mission but the actual mission starts now after the end of dictatorship when Libyans face the world nothing in their hands, where there is no formal government, no coordination among the various tribal communities but only a vacuum which they need to fill it up quickly.

End of dictatorship pose the new series of challenges which the newly liberated people of Libya will face and are now has started to face already. The world must come together and unite in an effort to support and help Libyan people in the road to developing their nation as vibrant united democratic nation with due respect and freedom to their fundamental rights.

Otherwise the day is not far that when within a few days of time the new breed of extremists / fundamentalist will rise and grow posing the very danger to the international stability and watering the efforts and sacrifices made by those who dreamt and fought with their lives in hands to get the shine of liberated nation and to establish a true democracy.

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