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NYC Mayor follows Bashar al Assad’s footsteps – Occupy Wall Street


Since 2008 the world has seen and been witnessing many revolutions which either being dealt with force or sometimes with love but as the year passes and the world stepped in to the second decade of this century the year 2011 started with bang. A wave, a tide which filled the world and common man to stand against the growing drawbacks of capitalism, from last 11 months the world has been witnessing the sea of revolutions across Arab world and their dictators but what no-one had predicted was the movement which started in those countries who live and work the opposite way unlike their middle east partners.

The 99% movement started with a few handfuls by the general public which suffered under the enormous greediness of 1% wealthy humans now stand guarded for their rights and share in the nation’s treasuries which were filled by collecting the money from these taxpayers. These are those people who work day and night to ear the two meals a day and meet their both ends meet. These are those who work as laborers, servants, those who belong to both blue-collar and white-collar segment of employees, those who belongs to lower and middle class of society.

The day global recession started the effected population was not industrialists or corporate or bureaucrats but the common public who faced layoffs, salary cuts, bank account closures, loan cancellations, demotions and many such financial horrors which crippled the entire family survival and their personal existence. This resulted in the agitations and revolt which exposed the entire failure of the agencies and political turmoil across the entire world map particularly in Western economies which are so-called the growth drivers of the world economy at large.

Trillions of dollars of wealth was misused in the name of aid and assistance by the banks and government which was the hard-earned tax payers’ money. Un-accountable loans and non traceable credit transactions’ were noted. Even those banks that have treasuries / bills of trillions of dollars were declared insolvent hence making common people to lose their entire life savings and its availability. Many banks and corporate took the un-wanted advantage of declaring bankruptcy and government bailout packages which too went in an unaccountable manner nevertheless losing the remaining reserves of the poor man’s money.

The wealth must be shared equally and accordingly not just on the basis of one’s profile and desires of investments. Governments are for governance and not for corporate interests. The widening gap of national wealth must be addressed in a viable and sensible manner. The policies are for nations and for people not for only elites who are just one percent and the rest who builds the nation are 99%. Otherwise what’s the use of being democratic and developed if we suffer and others enjoy even after looting a common man’s savings.  What’s the use of giving Nobel Peace Prize to Mr. Obama if Mr. President cannot even addressed his own peoples’ demand and cannot silent their grief.

What’s the difference between the NYC Mayor Mr. Michael R. Bloomberg and the Dictators of Arab World who has also been using force against their own people, what kind of justice is this if the democratic and liberal country like America who is role model of democracy and freedom for the world will use force and the mayor of its most wealthiest city reacts like Hitler then invisible creator may know where these innocent people who are just want answers to their sorrows and problems and that too in a peaceful manner not even disturbing an insect in their way.

The respected Government of the United States and the city mayor must answer the world, the world that they always dictated the terms of peace, freedom, non-violence, democracy, liberty and human rights, justice and many such things which even at times of theirs action didn’t follows and curbed, suppressed the public by flexing their muscles on the harmless and empty-handed peaceful citizens just to remove the stains from the false and hollow image of un justified system which made its own people helpless, poor and needy but still the war to fight for demands continues.

World and the respective government especially the respected authorities of the US should now start a process of reforms and remedial policies which would not save them from collapsing but also the rest of the world’s structure.


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